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Friday, 28 December 2012

”Streets of Dazzling Whiteness, Carpeted in Snow…” Or: A Post-Christmas Poem:

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas day and have had a super festive period! I return with another Christmas poem which is again a rather downbeat and melancholy affair, but nevertheless beautiful and evocative. The image painted by the writer is quite vivid here:

A Contrast
By E.M. Maizey

Halls of costly brightness,
Splendour, pomp, and show
Streets of dazzling whiteness,
Carpeted in snow;
Petted lap-dogs sleeping,
Couched at beauty's feet;
Human beings weeping,
Houseless in the street.

Fires brightly blazing,
Couches made to bear
Forms of dainty moulding - 
Hearts that know no care;
Roofless sheds containing
Creatures stamped with woe -
Wearied with complaining
Dying as they go.

Happy children treading
Carpet-covered floors;
Wretched young ones shedding
Tears at workhouse doors;
Parents, some! too wealthy
For the charge they bear;
Some! Oh, God! sustain them,
Crushed by grief and care.
                                      - People's & Howitt's Journal, 1850    

I will be back with one final piece of Victorian poetry on New Years day, but in the meantime, enjoy the remainder of the season! 


  1. Just found your blog. Wonderful poem, sad but wonderful.

    1. Thanks Chatelaine, and welcome!

      A lot of the Victorian Christmas poetry does seem to be of a quite sad and melancholy nature, almost as if they're trying to temper the happiness if the festive period by reminding the reader that there are others less fortunate.

      Thanks again for the comment, all the best!