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Thursday, 11 November 2010

Upcoming Victorian Lectures by Gresham College

Just round the corner from Lincoln’s Inn Fields, in London is Gresham College, an excellent institution that give free lectures on a wide range of subjects at a variety of different venues.

As part of their series entitled; The Victorians: Culture and Experience in Britain, Europe and the World 1815-1914 Professor Richard J Evans is giving a number of talks on various aspects of Victorian life at the Museum of London. (a link to MoL can be found on the right of this site, under ‘London Sites / Blogs) The lectures run from this month to April next year on the following subjects: (Click the titles to go to the lecture descriptions)

The Victorians: Time and Space 
13/09/2010, 6pm
The Victorians: Art and Culture 
04/10/2010, 6pm
The Victorians: Life and Death
13/12/2010, 6pm
The Victorians: Gender and Sexuality
14/02/2011, 6pm
The Victorians: Religion and Science
14/03/2011, 6pm
The Victorians: Empire and Race
11/04/2011, 6pm
Just need to decide which to attend! Anyone interested in more details should see the ‘Lectures and Events’ page on the Gresham College website, a link to which can be found here


  1. How I wish I lived in London at this point!

  2. I know, see my comment on the next post about how we history lovers are lucky to live near or in the capital!