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Thursday, 5 May 2011

"City Walls Close in Behind Me...Where the Sunshine Used to Find Me" Or: A May Poem:

As the month of May is upon us, I thought it appropriate to post a poem by Victorian poet and writer, Sarah Doudney.

Sarah contributed many stories and poems to monthly journals, including, amongst others, Charles Dickens’ ‘All the Year Round’

This poem, a contribution to Leisure Hour, is entitled, ‘May Memories’

Swiftly wound the silver river
Where the grass grew deep,
Through the mystic shade and silence
That the woodlands keep;
Underneath the chestnuts straying,
(Trembling fans o’erhead,)
With the creamy blossoms playing,
How my bright hours sped!

As a dream when one awaketh
Seems to me that day,
Chestnut blossoms, sliding river,
Fairyland of May!
City walls close in behind me,
Summer joys are o’er;
Where the sunshine used to find me
I shall stay no more.

Other hands will pull the blossoms,
Cones of pink and white;
Mine are worn with daily labour,
Tired from morn till night;
Still I muse, but not in sadness,
On those bygone days;
Here my autumn hath its gladness
Worth a thousand Mays!


  1. Lovely poem!

    I am reading poems by Amy Levy at the minute, a Victorian tourtured soul who committed suicide at the age of 27.

  2. Oh, I've not heard of her, but will certainly look for her. Thanks for the tip!

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