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Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Cry of a City Clerk: Or: A Christmas Poem:

I KNEW, I knew it would not last –
'Twas hard, 'twas hopeful, but 'tis past.
Ah! ever thus, from boyhood's hour,
I've seen my fondest hopes decay.
I never trusted Jack Frost's power,
But Jack Frost did my trust betray.
I never bought a pair of skates
On Friday – I am in the law –
But, ere l started, with my mates
On Saturday, 'twas sure to thaw!
Now, too – the prospect seemed divine –
They skated yesterday, I knew,
And now, just as I 'm going to dine,
The sun comes out, the skies grow blue,
Ere we at Wimbledon can meet,
Those horrid gaps! – that treacherous sludge!
I shall not get one skimmer fleet!
After my long and sloppy trudge.
No go! One more lost Saturday!
To skating's joys I'm still a stranger.
I sit and curse the melting ray,
In which my hopes all melt away –
It means soft ice, chill slop, and –


  1. Thank you for the gift of this blog post!

  2. Thanks for all your kind comments on my various posts, I am most grateful!